Project Preface:

-National Pavilion
-Award Wining
-Zero Energy
-Bamboo Construction
-World Expo 2017
Location: Expo Astana 2017,
Site Area: 400 sq.m
Building Area: 4305 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 8200 sq.ft
Construction: Multiple
Completion Date: 2017 2rd-
3rd Quarter


We stand proud to have designed,
supervised and managed
3 months long national
pavilion of Pakistan at the World
Expo 2017.
Pakistan Pavilion takes the best
indigenous practices of energy
conservation to show how
modern buildings can be made
beautiful and yet have a zero
carbon footprint. It has been
designed to reflect Pakistan’s
profound concern in reaching
out to marginalized sections
with pioneering, low cost solutions
for reduction in quantum
of energy usage, along with use
of renewable energy sources
for the well-being of low income
The pavilion’s architectural design
by Mesa Architects emphasizes
on making all structures
conform to low/zero carbon
footprint to curtail greenhouse
gas emissions and the discharge
of carbon dioxide.