Project Preface:

-World’s first longest lit up
Japanese Table
-Artefact Display
Location: Graz, Austria.
Site Area: NA
Building Area: NA
Total Floor Area: NA
Construction: Foam & Acrylic
Completion Date: 2012 2nd-
3rd Quarter


In Greek mythology the Chimera
was a monstrous fire-breathing
creature. She had the body
of a lioness, a tail ending in
a snake’s head, and a goat’s
head arising on her back at the
center of her spine. There are
of course many other examples
in different cultures that could
also be referred to as Chimeras.
In genetics, biology and botany
a Chimera represents an animal
or plant with genetically distinct
cells from two different zygotes
or genetically different types of
tissue; the resulting organism
is a mixture of tissues, and of
different sets of chromosomes.
In paleontology, it is a fossil
reconstructed with parts from
different animals.
Exhibited at the Haus der Architecture,