Project Preface:

-Internal Dining Area
-Roof Top Dining Area
-Powder Bathrooms
-Waiter Stations
Location: Port Grand, Pakistan.
Site Area: 371 sq.m
Building Area: 4500 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 4500 sq.ft
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: 2012 1st-
2nd Quarter


Café Aylanto, Bistro was developed
when I was working
at Naheed Mashooqullah as a
project architect for several
different interior design and
architectural design job.
Aylanto is cherished as one
of country’s most renowned
Mediterranean- fusion restaurants.
Situated on Port grand,
Karachi. The restaurant has
a warm, cozy and a homely
feel to it.
Conceptually the clients and
the principal both wanted a
simple, clean space as a low
cost solution for a modern
fusion restaurant.
This is the final iterations developed
for this project. Inspired
by slats, light weight
construction, terracotta tiles,
and light wood details. The
project was executed within
four months.