Project Preface:

-Reception Table
-Laminate Display
-Interaction b/w Reps &
-6 Times recommissioning
around the world
Location: IAPEX, Karachi.
Site Area: 27.9sq.m
Building Area: 300 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 300 sq.ft
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: 2011 3rd-
4th Quarter


With ever increasing demand
of FMCGS and B2B
providers to increase their
out reach to the masses
and public. We had the
opportunity to make a
kiosk for Formite, a leading
local manufacturer of
laminate boards under
Thal Engineering, house
of habib brands.
The kiosks builds on the
capacity and capability
of using laminate boards
in interior design and
building solutions. Made
as a modular, open-able
structure the same kiosk
was used in Middle East,
Brazil, UK, and rest of the
world to gain an extra
mileage off the project.