Project Preface:

-Gun Display
-Accessory Display
-Clothing Display
-Shooting Range
-Display Window Design
Location: Karachi, Pakistan.
Site Area: 115 sq.m
Building Area: 1237 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 1237
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: 2015
3rd-4th Quarter


G&A Guns and Accessories
is one of the oldest
and leading gun-shop
store located in Zam
Zama Karachi.
We were approached to
redesign the gun-shop
experience to appeal to
the users.
The once single platform
gun store is transformed
into a high street retail
shop having its own range
to test the guns, apparel
display, display windows,
gun display counters, a
small office a pantry and
a powder bathroom for
ease of shoppers.