Project Preface:

-Cost Effective Installation
-Turnkey Solution
-Digital Fabrication
Location: Ideas Store all
over Karachi.
Site Area: NA
Building Area: NA
Total Floor Area: NA
Construction: Paper Work
Completion Date: 2015 3rd-
4th Quarter


Gul Ahmed Façade fabrication
discovers the creative potential
and machining potential of
Pakistan. Designed, fabricated
and installed by our studio we
are the pioneers and introducer
of Large scale CNC, Laser cut
based installations in Pakistan.
The multi coloured floral bloom
signifies how light, colour and
Our design starts with a simple
discussion and a lot of brainstorming.
I spent days to
assemble the creative. Created
a lot of tests, models and
images. All to understand and to
make people understand. It was
more like a battle. Since what I
wanted to do was never done on
a scale this big, time this short
a budget this sparse. But I was
adamant. I tried to be precise