Project Preface:

-02 Bedroom + Assembly
-Garage 16’ Long
-Drawing Room
-Powder Bathroom
Location: Korangi, Pakistan.
Site Area: 771.97 sq.m
Building Area: 830 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 1660 sq.ft
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: 2015 3rd-
4th Quarter

Small spaces are a challenge to
design, no house is small or big.
A house is filled with expectations,
dreams and desires of
the occupants. We offer our
services expecting the best out
of ourselves to bring remarkable
projects for our clients.
MF House is a 110 sq. yards house
built for two working teachers in
Keeping in mind of their routine,
love for space and flexibility to
accommodate from guests to
conducting 30 students class
rooms. We bring to you a severely
challenged and complicated
brief done in perfect was
to combine all odds together.