Project Preface:

-Location: Karachi, Pakistan.
-Site Area: 400 sq.m
-Building Area: 4305 sq.ft
-Total Floor Area: 4400 sq.ft
-Construction: Cast in Situ
-Completion Date: Proposal



Bank Al Falah Business Center is proposed as an agile office space, housing an open culture and open plan office space where all workers and colleagues can interact and work with each other in a more open/ creative environment.
Since the bank industry has evolved to a plethora of divisions and products. We propose a creative environment for all employees to work in.
A space where coffee or lunch may turn into a business meeting, a place where ideas and productivity are both balanced. Adapting to the local cultural norms we propose an amalgamation of creative and hierarchy based office structure.

Bank Al Falah, 4th Floor, II Chundrigarh Road. Business Centre

Prestige, elegance, enlivened corporate culture is often synonymous with California based IT companies. Bank Al Falah Business Centre re design is a project which re visits the way our banks work and propose a strong new proposition to enforce an agile, creative, open work space where all members collaborate and combine their efforts into one creative ensemble.
The banking industry has changed rapidly in Pakistan due to boom of IT, shift in economics and changing demographics of the country. The cut throat banking industry needs to rely heavily on the creative and human aspect of business.
The Bank Al Falah 4th floor redesign constructs onto the very basic necessity of a team to communicate efficiently with each other. The entire space is thought as an incubation center of ideas where all members of team are ever collaborating with each other.
With a dedicated calling center, Training Auditoriums, more than 30% of the floor space is dedicated to a creative café which provides an opportunity to work, discuss, eat, conduct meetings in an up beat urban setting.
We intend to bring more creativity into banking to help meet targets efficiently, collaboratively and creatively.