Project Preface:  -Location: Karachi, Pakistan. -Site Area: 61.32 sq.m -Building Area: 660 sq.ft -Total Floor Area: 660 sq.ft -Construction: Cast in Situ -Completion Date: 2015 1st Quarter The Design Department of Mandvia Textiles Mill is a testament of how low-cost interior design can create an enormous difference on the efficiency of workspace. Creating an efficient work space where design, interior, purpose built spaces all contribute to the larger team effectiveness. Study conducted after project delivery ascertained a positive atmosphere for the designers, collaborators and the client. The overall attendance of workspace increased and became more regimental and institutional. We aim to push our boundaries further by exploring more. #low-Cost, #Interior Design #strategies, #turnkey. Mandvia Textile Mill ,Design Department Is a project about patience, abstinence and resolve to find a higher understanding of how designed spaces can impact the quality of workspace. The design itself is developed using low cost materials and low maintenance finishes. Starting at roughly 1400 Rs/ Sft. This is the first time when we engaged on sub theme interior design for all. The ensemble houses a reception, 6 workstations, a separate plotter printer area, pantry, storage selves, CEO room, display area and a meeting room of 6 people and other design features housed in an area of 660 sft only roughly 61 meters. We want our designs to change lives of everyone, we engage at scales from small scale projects to large scale architectural design. Our intentions and energy revolve around core fundamental principles, which is serving you.