Project Preface:

-6 Hair Cutting Stations
-Staff Room
-Lounge with Bath
-Staff Lockers
-2 Hair Washing Stations
-Margaritas Bar
-Staff Toilet
Location: Karachi, Pakistan.
Site Area: 93 sq.m
Building Area: 1000 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 1000 sq.ft
Construction: Interiors
Management: Turnkey
Completion Date: 2017 3rd


Conceived, Designed and Built
in 7 Weeks of time. Joie Salon
and Spa is a testament of our
diverse services.
With Projects like Joie Aesthetics,
management, financial
capacity all are tested of our office.
To engage on this complex
and huge brief to accommodate
everything in a mere 1000 Sft of
interior space.
We were contacted for capacity
building of the salon with existing
salon running on ground
floor, all works.


JOIE Salon and Spa:
Located in DHA Karachi, Joie Salon and Spa is a
unique hair treatment and massage spa.
We were contacted by the owners to build additional
capacity of the spa to fulfil their increasing
requirements for additional seats.
The capacity building activity was to be done in
an unreal time frame of 7 weeks from design till
The added complexity of the project included
the running and maintenance of decorum of the
already commissioned ground floor and basement.
MESA with its complete capability was
successfully able to execute works while working
in nights and on Sundays. This project is a
testament of our capability to efficiently handle
the constructions affairs apart from design in a
logical, comprehensive, time and decorum sensitive
We are pleased to unveil our design and execution
We believe a successful commission is due to
higher understanding of the project, its constituents,
and management. We are at the top of
our game in terms of capacity, capability, bid
management and vendor support.
Wishing all the best and success to the owners
we believe the sum of part is bigger than whole
and true success is due to commitment of all
stakeholders; as architects and turnkey solution
provider we strive to make bridges for efficient