Project Preface:

-Urban Development
Status: Unbuilt/ Competition
Location: DI Khan, Pakistan.
Site Area: 20000 sq.m
Building Area: 215,000
Total Floor Area: 250,000
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: Competition



The roundabout is envisioned to
take its origin from YING YANG.
Where the POISITVE YING will
be a sterile, controlled, state of
art building which will be sound
proof and environmentally controlled.
The building will serve
as a pavilion, museum displaying
artefacts from the Indus
valley civilization.
“The Negative YANG will be a
surreal landscape inspired by
the stepped terraces found
in north. Offering its users, a
chance to sit and observe the
traffic and understand how environment,
pollution and other
changes can affect them.”
“A sharp contrast, a truth and
reality from the YING and YANG
(Light and Shadow) its a place
to reflect, enjoy, contemplate,
congregate and celebrate the
cultures together.”
We envision this area more
than a roundabout, we intend
it to become a new hub, area
of recreation, contemplation,
a public shared common space
to take pride in. We even hope
and estimate that the project
will be able to generate its own
funding and will provide an opportunity
for its visitors and locals
to learn more about Pakistan
and the gems and jewels
it has, of which DI Khan is one.