Project Preface:

-Super Market
-10 Departments
-Office Spaces
-Cash Counters
-Sorting Area
-Resting Area
B+G+1 Supermarket
Location: Lahore, Pakistan.
Site Area: 225 sq.m
Building Area: 2421 sq.ft
Total Floor Area: 7263
Construction: Cast in Situ
Completion Date: 2016
3rd-4th Quarter


Today’s Supermarket is designed
as an everyday convenience
store with simple
maneuverable spaces which
will help the shoppers access
the right products with ease.
The Shopping aisles are designed
categorically to walk
a person through simple, efficient
shopping experience.
The Mart has its own butchery,
which was a challenge
in itself to make sure the
spatial hygiene is not compromised.